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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who are Keepel?

Keepel Ltd is a young company registered in the UK, company number 11165052. Our mission is to prevent phone fraud. We have developed an Artificial Intelligence phone app to do just that. Keepel monitors incoming calls in real-time and by analysing both sides of the conversation for key words and phrases can determine if the call is likely to be fraudulent. If so and the threshold is met, then the call is terminated.


How do I contact Keepel?

Keepel may be contacted by email at


What is the Keepel app?

The Keepel app works in the background on your phone monitoring incoming calls for signs of fraudulent activity. As a call progresses the app builds up a score based on words, phrases, intentions and emotions that are detected and known to be used by scammers. If the score reaches a predetermined threshold then the call is terminated and a nominated contact can be notified.


How do I use Keepel day to day?

Once you have set up the Keepel app on your phone you don’t need to do anything. Keepel works in the background and is invisible to the users.


Can Keepel alert others if fraud is attempted?

Yes, if fraud is detected Keepel can notify a carer or other nominated contact. This is configurable in settings in the app.


Can I buy Keepel for someone else?

Yes, many people buy Keepel to protect a relative or friend. If you prefer to pay for the service separately, just contact us via and we will set up separate billing and give you a voucher code that you can use when you set it up on their phone so they are not billed.


Does Keepel record my calls?

No, Keepel does not record your calls. The calls are transcribed from audio into text in real-time so that we can analyse them but no call records are kept once the call has finished.


How much does Keepel cost?

Keepel will be available on a monthly subscription. Market pricing has not been finalised at this time and we continue to try and drive cost out of the business so that we can offer Keepel to as many people as possible at as low a price as possible. Our current estimate is £7.50 per month.


How can I get involved and help prevent phone fraud?

Please visit our Kickstarter page and back our project, or visit our website where you can tell us your story.


Does Keepel work on landlines?

It will, but right now Keepel will be launched as an Android app only. Later we will develop an iOS app and a landline product.


How big is the threat of telephone fraud?

Phone fraud surged last year with some companies calling it a scam epidemic. We are all at threat and know someone who may be targeted by phone scams and fraudsters.


People are 10 times more likely to become a victim of fraud and computer misuse than of theft, with adults between 35-44yrs the most likely to be a victim.


It is estimated that one in ten Americans lost money to a phone scam in 2017. Representing $9.5Billion, an increase of 56% from 2015.


The UK HMRC have reported dealing with an average of 330 phone fraud repayment scams every day, an increase of 360%.


UK Finance state that figures for Authorised Push Payment phone fraud were £145m in the first 6 months of 2018. An increase of around £50m on the previous year's figures.

What does Keepel do with my details?

Keepel processes data in accordance with our published Privacy Policy Notice which incorporates compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Privacy and Data protection Regulation in the European Union. Keepel Limited is registered for the GDPR with the United Kingdom Information Commissioners Office.


Do I have to switch Keepel on?

No, once the app has been set up on your phone and you have given us the relevant permissions you don’t have to do anything more. Keepel will work in the background keeping you safe from phone fraud. During the set up process you will be walked through the permissions and actions needed to put Keepel in place.

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