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How We Fight
The Scammers

Keepel technology will work on mobile and landline phones. The system analyses both sides of a phone conversation in real time to detect and prevent fraudsters. 


If a fraud attempt is detected, the call is terminated and a nominated contact such as a carer or the police may be notified.

three phones 04062019.png
How Keepel Works

Keepel analyses phone calls in real time by using sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. As a call progresses Keepel compares it to detailed scripts known to be used in successful scams.


A score is built up, considering the phrases used as well as emotional and speech characteristics, indicating how likely the call is to be fraudulent. At a certain level Keepel terminates the call.

Call in Progress Phone.png
The video shows how Keepel works in our fictional example..
How You Can
Use Keepel

Keepel works in the background. You will not have to turn Keepel on to be protected. You can talk happily knowing that any incoming calls from people you don't know will be monitored and your money protected. 

Keepel will be launched on Android initially with an iOS version following. We are also developing a service to protect your landline calls too. Click opposite to be notified.


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